New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy was speaking today when protesters rattled him and he lost his cool. Anti-vax Americans were protesting in front of him as he spoke and he yelled out: ‘You protesters are the ultimate knuckleheads’…knuckleheads? Does anyone else sense the desperation in his voice? The left doesn’t like it when people don’t agree with them. He’s no exception.

Remember that this is the same governor who sent covid-positive patients into nursing homes (see below) just like Gov. Cuomo.

Notice that Governor Murphy blames the unvaccinated for the loss of life due to covid. The left is targetting the unvaccinated and using the vaccine passport to limit their freedoms. Americans should be free to choose and should be able to keep their medical information private.

What about the people who have recovered from covid and have natural immunities? What about the 18 and younger who have a minimal risk of getting very sick or dying with covid?

Why should these people be vaccinated?

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Democrats work off of emotion and NOT common sense. Governor Murphy is a great example with his covid rage.


MUST WATCH: Crazed Democrat New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy stands by his decision to send COVID-positive patients back into nursing homes.

Democrat Murphy was one of the several governors, including Cuomo, Whitmer and Newsom to order Covid patients back into nursing homes which resulted in tens of thousands of deaths.

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