The Trump administration announced today that Stephanie Grisham is stepping down as President Trump’s WH Press Secretary and will be replaced by Kayleigh McEnany. Grisham (pictured below) will go back to being on First Lady Melania Trump’s staff. It’s being reported that this move is the result of Mark Meadows changing up the West Wing. Meadows just took the job as Trump’s Chief of Staff.

Kayleigh McEnany (pictured below) may look familiar because she’s been an integral part of reporting for the president as a spokeswoman for President Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign. She had been reporting on the ground from the Trump rallies interviewing people waiting for the president. She’s a gem.

Turning Point USA put together a great video of some of Kayleigh’s best battles:

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Congratulations Kayleigh McEnany on being named White House Press Secretary.

Kayleigh has been a fierce defender of the President and was an excellent choice.

Check out some of her most SAVAGE moments:

She’s smart and she’s a bulldog. A great choice!

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