It’s hard to believe Pete Buttigieg can say what he says about the border with a straight face during an interview with Brett Baier on Fox News. He was asked whether the border is in crisis, and with a straight face, he tried to blame the invasion at the border on a “decades-long failure” in border policy.

Buttigieg sold out to be a part of the sham Biden administration. As Transportation Secretary, Buttigieg is in charge of lying and twisting the facts for the Biden regime. He’s doing a great job. The chart below tells the truth about how border crossings have skyrocketed under Biden.

Another comparison was tweeted out by Rep. Steve Scalise today:

More illegal immigrants have crossed the southern border this year than the population of these cities:

– Boston
– Austin
– Jacksonville
– Charlotte
– San Francisco
– Nashville
– Denver
– Seattle
– New Orleans
– Washington DC

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And the surge isn’t stopping.

Watch below as Buttigieg tries to blame the invasion at our southern border on everyone but Biden. He must have been asleep during the Trump presidency when border crossings dropped tremendously.

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Biden’s border crossings are in blue, and Trump’s are the deep orange at the bottom…

Buttigieg also dodges the question about where illegals are going. He says the Bidewn administration is looking out for the health of Americans, but illegals are only tested for covid when they show symptoms!


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