This mayor’s involvement in potential illegal activity will get little attention…this story will be a full blown case of racial injustice in 5…4…3…2…1  


Betty McCray, newly-elected mayor of Kinloch, Missouri, showed up at City Hall this week to get to work. But when she arrived, the police wouldn’t let her in the door.

The reason why? Those non-existent illegal voters who cast ballots for the candidate.

The election, which was held April 7, was hotly contested and the results have been questioned by McCray’s opponents. However, the St. Louis County Board of Elections certified the results and swore McCray in after city officials refused to.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that deputies met her in the parking lot, and she was served with articles of impeachment by City Attorney James Robinson. Robinson also told her that she was suspended.


After being blocked from entering the building, McCray held a press conference in the parking lot:

“I won. The people spoke,” McCray told the press after she had been served papers and told she could not enter the building. “I was sworn in by the St. Louis County. Today I take office. I want them out, I want the keys.”
It was rumored that McCray was going to fire “multiple” city employees, once in office.

Kinloch, which is located near Lambert-St. Louis International Airport, once “thrived with more than 10,000 residents.” But airport development has led to homes being purchased by the airport authority and demolished.

Today, Kinloch, which has fewer than 300 residents, is marked by pilfered coffers, shady land deals and increasingly bitter fights over the last remnants of political power.

During the past five years, the city has seen the imprisonment of a former mayor on federal fraud and theft charges, the hiring of a convicted felon as city manager, the selling of a previous city hall building to an alleged drug dealer and the unseating of at least two aldermen.
McCray won the mayoral contest by garnering 38 votes compared to her opponent, the incumbent mayor’s, 18.

Prior to the election, the city alerted the County Board of Elections said that they believed there were 27 voters registered illegally. McCray’s camp alleges that these voters were living in city-owned housing and evicted because they supported her.

The bad blood goes back further. McCray is a former Alderman, who served under a mayor who has since been convicted of federal fraud charges. Members of the current administration accuse her of benefiting financially from land deals under that mayor, Keith Conway.

McCray told Fox2 she was going to file an injunction in the St. Louis County courts, and then attempt to enter City Hall again.

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