President Trump had a very strong night tonight during his Town Hall on ABC with George Stephanopoulos even though the ABC anchor continuously interrupted him to “fact check” every answer.  The questions asked from audience members who were supposedly “undecided voters” were completely confrontational raising doubt about whether these people are undecided at all.

The only time President Trump wasn’t fact-checked was when he called out Stephanopoulos for being a Democrat:
ABC’s chief anchor George Stephanopoulos has been interrupting President Trump at this town hall all night to “fact check” him.
Note there was such push back after the President called him out for being a Democrat.

If you had to take a drink every time George Stephanopoulos says, “But, Dr. Fauci said…but Dr. Fauci said…but Dr. Fauci said…”

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…you’d die of alcohol poisoning.

General Mattis is brought up when Trump discusses his amazing Middle East peace deal:


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