Remember when the Tea Party began to gain popularity? Remember how the biased media labeled a patriotic movement “racists”? The Tea Party groups were made up of grassroots activists who simply wanted to bring America back to the Constitution and smaller government. Still, the media hijacked the narrative of the definition of the group.

The group called the ‘Proud Boys’ is getting the same treatment from Democrats and the media. The spin by the media is to call the group “white supremacists,” but the truth is that the group comprises of men from every race. One of the founders is Latino.

When President Trump was asked a loaded question (one of many) by Chris Wallace about the ‘Proud Boys’ last night, the President gave a comment that was neither in support nor in opposition to the group. He told them to “stand by and stand down.” Instantly, social media was filled with comments calling President Trump a racist and saying his comment was in support of the ‘Proud Boys’ when there is ZERO basis for the accusation.

Today, President Trump was asked about the comment and clarified what he meant:

“I don’t know who the Proud Boys are. I mean, you’ll have to give me a definition, because I really don’t know who they are. I can only say they have to stand down, let law enforcement do their work. Law enforcement will do the work more and more. As people see how bad this radical, liberal, Democrat movement is and how weak — the law enforcement is going to come back stronger and stronger.”

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The leader of the Proud Boys spoke to Sky News today about Biden calling them “White Supremacists”:

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To fight the constant drumbeat of the media’s attempts to trash the ‘Proud Boys’, we want to give you a look at the truth.

The leader spoke to one angry feminist CNN reporter:

Another man talks about being a Proud Boy:


Folks, Meet Enrique Tarrio, Leader of the #Proud Boys.

The Proud Boys are many things, but they are not White Supremacists. Half of them, including their leader, are not even white.

Wilfred Reilly, a black professor of political science at Kentucky State Univ – Historically black college, says Proud Boys are NOT white supremacy group. Says “10% to 20% of them are people of color, a diverse racial composition that is “extremely well-known in law enforcement.”

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