Joe Biden made an appearance in North Carolina to push the covid vaccine. He was gingerly walking with his handlers when he was peppered with questions from reporters. As he tried to wander over to the reporters, one person led him away and back on the path to his next destination. He still kept turning around with mouth agape, saying, “No…no.”

Biden was the definition of dazed and confused. This isn’t the only time he’s done this. During several other instances (see video below), his handlers and his wife have had to guide him.

During Biden’s recent trip to Europe, he looked lost when a reporter asked a question. Watch below as Jill Biden rushes over to guide Joe as everyone laughs.

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October of last year, Joe Biden wandered around the stage behind Jill Biden:

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At a campaign office in Iowa,  Joe Biden could be seen being led around by a campaign aide who appears to be helping him to navigate through the door. Biden can be seen leaving the inside of a building wearing dark sunglasses and being helped through the door. Once Joe is helped through the door, he stops to speak to his adoring fans in the media. “We’re gonna survive all the way through this whole thing,” Biden tells them.

After an incident with a Detroit autoworker where Joe Biden got into a heated debate about gun rights, he was asked about the incident as he was going to his car.

Watch the video below where Biden looks a little confused when asked about the incident and then answers with a completely different topic. He responded that he couldn’t believe Sanders was in alignment with the Trump campaign on bashing him. This had nothing to do with the question that the reporter asked.

Biden is then led to the car by his campaign manager Symone Sanders. She grabs his arm to pull him into the car to stop him from engaging more with the reporters:

Joe Biden, speaking in 2019 at an arena in Iowa, gets about where the camera is and keeps talking to a screen.

CSPAN keeps cutting away to try and help him out.

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