Rep. James Clyburn has taken every chance he can to trash President Trump, and today was no exception.

During an interview with CNN’s Dana Bash, Clyburn said, “I feel very strongly” that Trump is like “Mussolini, Putin, Hitler.”

This isn’t the first time Clyburn has fearmongered by comparing the president to Germany’s Hitler. It’s the narrative the Democrats want to push and keep repeating. They have a loyal soldier in Clyburn who is like Biden being the old guard elite in DC. They’ll do or say anything to keep power, and that means saying things that are a complete lie.

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This is the same Congressman who in March called for Democrats to “shut the primary down” and make Biden’s VP pick a black female to “reward loyalty”

Recently, Clyburn called the federal tactics in Portland “Gestapo tactics.”

Rep. James Clyburn did his best during a CNN interview to fearmonger while discussing the federal law enforcement that has been called in to deal with the war zone in Portland. The local police are being told to stand down, and even when they act, they are unable to stop the violence (see below).

Federal law enforcement is there because of the complete failure of the city to stop the violence.

Clyburn tries to make this into a political decision for Americans. He claims it’s the end of the “Democracy” when there are “Gestapo activities.”

Is Clyburn saying he would just allow the city of Portland to be controlled by anarchists and thugs who are assaulting police?


Last night, the City of Portland looked to the sky for fireworks, but not in celebration of the Fourth of July holiday. Rather, ANTIFA radicals used fireworks to attack police and the public, even injuring one of their own comrades.

In what appears to be something out of “The Purge,” ANTIFA lit fireworks outside the Portland federal courthouse. Ultimately, they rioted for hours and attempted to start a fire in the courthouse.


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