Rep. Donna Shalala proudly claimed there are socialist in the Democratic Party and then said: “we’re a big tent party.”

This answer was given even after this question from an audience member: “I escaped a socialist country 25 years ago. I hear a lot of people from your party supporting socialist ideas in America. How far are we going to go, do you think we can beat the current president with those ideas? What would be our choices?”

Shalala answered: “Are there socialists in the Democratic Party? You bet. Because we’re a big tent party. We have all of the above.”

Shalala tries to soft-pedal the fact that there are socialists in her party by saying there are also moderates who were elected in 2018. Sure, Donna…like AOC?

It’s common knowledge that the Democrats have shifted far left in policy. The Green New Deal is the biggest policy out there that uses socialist ideals to redistribute money and control the population via the climate change hoax.

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