Antifa goons call Trump supporters Nazis as they push reporters, break windows, and set buildings on fire. They march against fascism, but THEY are the fascists.

The anti-eviction march in Detroit that Brendan Gutenschwager filmed was full of the “virtuous” thugs who became enraged that they were being filmed. That’s strange; you would think this is good publicity for Antifa.

Their latest protest against evictions in Detroit is another example of just how vicious and intolerant they can be.

During a march to stop evictions in Detroit, Antifa goons assaulted a reporter who was innocently filming the protest.

The aggressive manner and absolute hate displayed by the men in the video should be seen. One of the men who attacks the reporter says, “you’re not allowed to be here,” even though this march was on a public street in Detroit. Remind us, who are the fascists?

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