Text messages have now proven that Obama’s senior FBI officials involved in the Russia Collusion Hoax perpetrated against President Donald Trump had very ‘cozy’ relationships with the news media.  According to reports, the texts also prove that their false and misleading press leaks often backfired, resulting in many scandals.

Now, according to one award-winning journalist who has been closely following the cases since before Trump’s 2017 inauguration, we may be getting very close to indictments within a matter of weeks if things fall into place.

Maria Bartiromo hosting journalist John Solomon on her Sunday Morning Futures Fox News TV Show

Journalist John Solomon appeared on Maria Bartiromo’s Sunday Morning Futures show on Fox News.  There, he noted that “text messages make clear that the senior executives in the Comey/McCabe FBI–those who had political ambitions in political bias, were on a first-name basis with reporters.  They had–according to their own text messages, a leak strategy…They were creating a false Russia narrative–a narrative that they knew was blatantly false.  They knew they didn’t have any connection between Trump and Russia.  They knew that Carter Page hadn’t met with the people that Christopher Steele said. “They knew the steel dossier was garbage, and yet they continued to let those stories sit in the public realm and create a false perception for two and a half years really hampering  the early presidency of Donald Trump.”

Bartiromo and Solomon go through the text messages from anti-Trump FBI lawyer Lisa Page and an unnamed FBI agent.  In the messages, Page says of a recent unnamed news report:

Text message between an unnamed FBI agent and FBI lawyer, Lisa Page, regarding a news story on the Russia collusion Hoax

“I’m glad it was so superficial. If they decide to start digging deep, we are screwed.”

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According to the texts and John Solomon, such texts in context prove that the FBI knew its case against Donald Trump was nonsense and were glad that reporters were not bothering to do their jobs by digging any deeper than the information that was ‘leaked’ to them by the FBI.

“The FBI knew that its case was falling apart.  It had just fired Christopher Steele as an informant because he had been leaking to the media.  It had intercepted George Papadopoulos and Carter Page making statements of innocence…saying they did not collude with Russia…[The] case was falling apart.  The media was taking a different narrative, and they were worried that that that dichotomy that disconnect might get public if people started asking tougher questions.

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So, the media had begun running with a narrative that wasn’t identical to the false narrative that the FBI had been pushing against Trump, which was falling apart.  They were worried that untenable contradictions between the stories would arise if the media began digging too deep into contradictory information from people like Page and Papadopoulos.  Their narratives were not the exact false FBI  narrative that was intended, so Page and the FBI began to worry,

The only thing saving them was the incompetence and laziness and willingness of the media to not dig deeper into the unraveling story. This is why, it is alleged, Lisa Page suggested via text messages that the FBI should leak additional false narratives to the news media to convince people that they weren’t trying to sway elections was necessary (even though they were):

Text from FBI lawyer, Lisa Page

“What [Page] says is exactly what the FBI did; they did influence the election.  They did influence the first three years of the Trump presidency by sustaining an investigation in the absence of any evidence of wrongdoing and in the significant face of evidence that showed innocence.”

What’s more, you don’t have to take John Solomon’s word for it, though he is a well-respected reporter.

“Former intelligence chief for the FBI, Kevin Brock,” who is “really respected across the political aisle on all sides…said “the only explanation he can give about why the FBI continued to sustain this investigation…was political bias.  That’s from one of the G Men himself–one of the most respected FBI executives of an earlier generation. We should all be worried by that”

They then go on to discuss the ongoing John Durham Criminal Investigation, where Solomon seems to drop a bombshell that may break the case wide open:

“There has been a break in the case…it’s a very active criminal case–a lot of witnesses, a lot of negotiation with lawyers.  The big news is that a former member of the Comey/McCabe inner circle–one of the senior FBI executives (I don’t know which one yet)…has begun cooperating, and that’s opened up a tremendous amount of internal knowledge being able to describe the nuances of evidence.  A huge breakthrough for John Durham.”

Finally, they discuss reports that former Trump DNI, John Ratcliffe, met with investigators such as John Durham and Bill Barr a long time ago.  Everyone agreed that there was no collusion between Trump and Russia.  This conclusion was shared by many other people that Solomon has interviewed:

“That’s absolutely true.  In fact, many of the experts I’ve had a look at it have come to that conclusion after they read all the documents.”

So, if it is clear that an investigation was opened and sustained against Trump based on false evidence, one major question remains: will anyone be prosecuted for these crimes?

“If you open a false investigation and you sustain it with false evidence, does that amount to a crime?  That’s the question that John Durham is trying to answer.”

“Will there be jail time? Are we going to see indictments? I mean, it’s been five years since this storyline.” asks Bartiromo.

John Solomon replies: “Some of the witnesses that I’ve talked to and their defense lawyers feel like John Durham…feel like John Durham is getting ready to pull the trigger on some criminal charges,” but “he has to get permission from the Biden Justice Department.  We’ll have to see if that happens, but all the signs are that they’re moving towards criminal charges…based on what I’m hearing, I believe that’s a strong possibility.  And, probably in the six next six to eight weeks.”

While Solomon remains optimistic in his tone, his answer should concern you because justice appears solely dependent on Joe Biden’s Department of Justice and a man, Durham, who has never come through for Trump in the past.

Watch the full interview below:



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