In 2018, Beto O’Rourke appeared at a town hall via MSNBC. He spoke out on how he wanted to protect the Second Amendment. This goes against his promise to take away AR-15’s and AK-47’s in a gun buyback program. The Second Amendment doesn’t say that the government gets to pick and choose arms to take away that they deem to be dangerous.

Was he pandering to Texas voters on gun rights?

Beto in 2018: “I strongly support and want to protect the Second Amendment”

He says it’s a great chance for the state of Texas to lead and mentions the “proud heritage” in the state of gun ownership.

Something tells us he doesn’t understand the Second Amendment or he’s just a flip-flopping politician.

Another video below of Beto saying guns won’t be taken away and then the comment from the debate:


Beto said he would definitely take AR-15’s away from Americans if elected and immediately was selling t-shirts after he said it:

This guy is truly shameless when it comes to self-promotion.


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