The leftists are losing their marbles and making the death of Justice Ginsburg about them and not about her legacy.

The hate and threats to riot and “burn it down” began immediately after the news of Justice Ginsburgs’ death because Democrats refuse to acknowledge that President Trump has every right to nominate someone to be voted on in the Senate to take Justice Ginsburg’s place on the Supreme Court.

Mark Thiessen of National Review makes an excellent point that history is on the side of Republicans:


*29 Presidents have had election year or lame duck vacancy – all nominated someone.

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*8 x before an election when other party controlled Senate – only one succeeds

*10x before an election when Pres and senate controlled by the same party – 9 succeeded.

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Even with history and facts on their side, Republicans are receiving plenty of hate and threats tonight:

So-called journalists are calling for riots:

“Burn it to the ground” is the mantra from these lunatics:

Just watch the vile leftists screaming tonight instead of honoring the memory of Ruth Bader Ginsburg:

A man was chanting “Roe v Wade is dead,” and a woman went ballistic on him:

Hateful words from another woman:

The left is calling for more violence and riots:

Brian Fallon is a former Clintonite who is part of the organization ‘Demand Justice’ spending $10 million to stop the nomination of a Supreme Court Justice before the election:

“Act accordingly.”

A collection of hate from Dems:

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