The situation in South Africa is getting worse. Seeing the videos below makes the Second Amendment that much more important.

Crowds are attacking police and looting in South Africa. All over the arrest of former South African President Jacob Zuma. Protests that followed Zuma’s arrest have widened into looting and an outpouring of anger over perceived inequality 27 years after the fall of apartheid. Ironically, the food supply is now threatened because of the violence, and covid is spreading because it’s harder to get immunizations to people.

The riots have escalated, and the police cannot control crowds who are taking everything from businesses. The military was called out (see below) after 32 deaths and the looting of many businesses. From the video of the situation, it looks like the damage has been done. This is what happens when crowds overtake police. Take notes, America…

Looters started a fire after stealing everything from the shops on the ground floor of a local building. They then set fire to the building, affecting apartments upstairs. A toddler was tossed from the building, and neighbors caught her.

Trusting neighbors:

Looting of anything and everything is going on in South Africa:

The military was deployed to help stop the violence and looting, but it looks like it’s too late:

Be glad we have our 2nd Amendment!

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