During an event at The Villages in Florida last week, President Trump got in some jokes with his supporters and with one guy in particular.

The man yelled ‘lock her up’ during the appearance, then Trump used it to call out the fake news media.

President Trump laughed and joked with the supporter to make his point:

“I’m sorry, I smiled. The fake news is back there. Look at them. They’ll say, ‘it’s terrible, it’s terrible” You know they want me to admonish you.”

He asked the man to stand and then joked with him:

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“Who said that ‘lock her up’? Stand up, please. I’m admonishing you. Never, ever say that again.”

“That’s okay, sit down. He’s admonished. So now they can’t do their fake number on us.”

This is why Americans love President Trump…he’s funny, and he’s real. He never comes across as inauthentic while Democrats like Joe Biden and Liz Warren are put on.

While the fake news media tries their hardest to harm Trump, it only creates more votes for him.

Residents in The Villages have supported President Trump from the beginning!

Thanks Democrats!

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