One tweet has summarized what’s really going on with so many Black Lives Matter ‘woke’ folk who act out during the so-called ‘peaceful protests’ in cities like Minneapolis. For the past two nights, rioting and looting have once again taken over the city because a police officer killed a young black man during an attempted arrest. The city of Minneapolis was already on alert because of the trial of a police officer involved in the arrest and death of George Floyd.

The rioting continued tonight where the usual drum beating and chanting continues…

After watching scenes like the one below since last summer, the best way to describe this insanity is just how Joseph Massey described it:

I’m watching a live stream of the protest in MN. A shirtless white man is on his knees by the fence where the police are lined up. He’s screaming, chanting, crying, and snotting, but not for any coherent cause. It’s an exorcism. It’s performance art. It’s all about him.

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This is very similar to the woman caught on camera after President Trump won. She was as hysterical as this guy:

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They’d be perfect for each other!

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