There he goes again! Joe Biden has a habit of producing word salad because he loses his train of thought during speeches. It’s embarrassing, to say the least. America’s leader is no leader but a puppet who can barely read off of a teleprompter without losing his place.

The left is pushing Biden out to promote giving money to Amtrak…AGAIN (see 2015 $2 billion “loan” below)! Biden has a history with Amtrak, as does his son, Hunter, who was placed in a cushy job on the board at Amtrak years ago as a favor to Joe (see below).

Watch below and ask when this charade will end. This man cannot put two sentences together!

Joe Biden has always been able to get money for Amtrak from the feds…In 2015 he was able to secure BILLIONS more for Amtrak:

No, we’re not kidding -the money sucker of all time is getting a “loan.” AMTRAK has always been a loser but leave it up to crazy Uncle Joe to toss OUR money away for new choo choos in Washington, DC, and Delaware…yes, Joe is protecting his own before all you little people.  

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Could someone please tell Joe Biden we’re close to 20 TRILLION dollars in debt? Holy smokes, these Dems love to spend money on boondoggles…

Liberals love public transportation, and no one in government has been a better friend to Amtrak than Vice President Joe Biden, who just announced a multi-billion dollar federal loan to Amtrak.

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Of course, calling it, a loan assumes it will be paid back at some point. How is Amtrak going to pay back the loan when it has never even been profitable? Amtrak couldn’t even continue to exist without huge government subsidies.

Also, as you should note in the CNN report below, the lion’s share of the loan is going towards trains and maintenance in… You guessed it, Washington, DC.

From the report:

Biden announces $2.45 billion federal loans to Amtrak

Vice President Joe Biden announced Friday a $2.45 billion loan to Amtrak from the Department of Transportation, the largest loan in the department’s history.
Biden announced the new loan at his namesake Joseph R. Biden Jr., Train Station in Wilmington, Delaware.

The $2.45 billion will be used to purchase 28 new train sets for the high-speed Acela train between Washington through New York and into Boston. The money will also be used to rehabilitate railroad tracks and upgrade four stations, including Washington’s Union Station and Baltimore’s Penn Station.

Read more: CNN

Hunter Biden said his experience on the board of AMTRAK  qualified him to sit on the board of Ukrainian natural gas company, Burisma, which was paying him $50,000 a month because his father was Vice President.

…but wonder how Hunter got his job at Amtrak?

We’ve got the answer below…



Hunter Biden worked right out of law school for MBNA, a major Delaware bank that was also a big contributor to Biden’s campaigns. That’s another can of worms, but AMTRAK is dirty too:

Cushy jobs on boards of companies are apparently available to the children of politicians. In another case of Hunter Biden taking advantage of his dad’s political position, it looks like he was appointed on the board of AMTRAK simply because he is the son of Joe Biden.

Hunter Biden was appointed to the AMTRAK board by George W. Bush in 2006. M. L. Singer of Railway Age best describes the AMTRAK Board as betraying the public stakeholders of Amtrak by loading up its Board over the years with disinterested, unqualified individuals, save for their savvy Washington contacts.


According to Vox, the job is treated as a kind of patronage position to hand out to random senators’ kids who have no relevant knowledge beyond riding the train a lot helps explain why American passenger rail is low quality and exhibits little understanding of international best practices.

When his dad became vice president, Hunter left the Amtrak board and instead got involved with a series of investment companies…AND THAT’S WHERE BURISMA AND CHINA COME IN TO PLAY.

“My name is Joe “Amtrak” Biden:

Legislation in Congress put the railway system on track to receive $1.3 billion in federal subsidies in 2007, the same amount it received in 2006.

This is another interesting Swamp job to look into…

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