A Times Square billboard that portrays President Trump getting hogtied by a woman in a bra isn’t getting the positive attention it had hoped for.

The company shut down its Instagram comments because of the backlash against the ads.

Women came out swinging against the tasteless ads showing violence against President Trump by women dressed in sportswear:

I don’t care who you are, this is disrespectful, tasteless and pure trash! Sadly it says way more about you than him..pathetic! If don’t find this offensive, check your heart, you got a hate problem! #DHVANI



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DHVANI, an athletic wear company, thinks women want to get violent with the president? Let the company know by contacting them directly and telling them to take down the violent ads against our president:

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They missed the mark with most women who aren’t angry leftists. How exactly is this “taking our country back”?

“The billboard is an expression of our First Amendment right. Its art is a symbol. We would never condone violence. This is about taking our country back.” – Dhvani CEO Avi Brown 

People on the street below the billboard felt it was disrespectful and over the top:

Boycott, Boycott, Boycott…

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