A Los Angeles man who was released from prison by Soros-backed DA George Gascon after being charged with assault with a deadly weapon has just been arrested again, this time for murdering his neighbor.

Stefen Sutherland

In November 2020, 31-year-old Stefen Sutherland stabbed a construction worker in the neck, nearly killing him, allegedly because he felt that the construction worker was making too much noise.

Gascon only gave Sutherland a slap on the wrist, charging him with assault with a deadly weapon instead of with murder. Despite an LA probation official warning Gascon that Sutherland could potentially carry out further violent crimes if he was released, the DA found him eligible for a mental health diversion and Sutherland faced no jail time for the near-fatal attack.

Sutherland was released for “community treatment” and was not placed in any kind of secure facility.

On May 23, Sutherland allegedly shot his upstairs neighbor Jennifer Gomez 19 times in her apartment.

The two had reportedly argued about noise complaints in the past.


Gascon’s office has since fallen under intense scrutiny for releasing Sutherland from prison in the first place.

Deputy district attorneys within Gascon’s office have reported that Sutherland could have been charged with murder in the first case involving the construction worker.

Prosecutor John Lewin said, “One of the things Gascon does is manipulate things with the charging. You make it a discount with assault with a deadly weapon, and you give him mental health diversion. It doesn’t look as bad as attempted murder.”

Gascon’s office, however, defended its decision to give Sutherland a mental health diversion.

“The defendant in this case met the specific eligibility criteria for mental health diversion,” said a statement issued by a spokesperson for Gascon. “A court-appointed psychologist deemed him suitable for the treatment program, and our deputy district attorney agreed to the defense request for mental health diversion.”

“The court approved the treatment plan and deemed the defendant safe for community treatment. The defendant participated for nearly two years in [the] treatment program without issue. We are saddened by the most recent allegations, and our hearts go out to the victim and those who loved them.”

The victim’s family has set up a GoFundMe page for their murdered loved one.

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