On Saturday night, a group of teenage domestic terrorists took over downtown Chicago, smashing vehicles and lighting them on fire, breaking out into violent fights, and attacking innocent people on the street. Multiple people were shot during this horrendous, out-of-control “teen takeover” that was organized on social media.

There is a lot of video footage of the violence that occurred in the Chicago Loop that night. One particularly shocking video shows a group of mostly black men violently assaulting a white woman on the street.

The disturbing footage was tagged with the caption “Yay we get active.”

This is not how people should be getting “active” in their communities. This is not how to be a productive member of society. This is not how to fight for change. This is not how to make a better life for yourself or for your community.

This is how you destroy a city and all the communities within it.

Conservative voices in social media have loudly condemned the actions of these teens since the liberal media has chosen to largely ignore the events of the weekend.

Twitter account @EndWokeness tweeted, “If a mob of white men attacked and beat a black woman on camera, it would be the biggest story of the year.”

Charlie Kirk, the founder and CEO of Turning Point USA, also tweeted about the liberal media’s double standard. He wrote, “Can you imagine if it was swarms of white teens who terrorized the streets of Chicago, assaulted innocent black women, jumped on cars, and vandalized property? Do you think the mayor-elect would give them a pass? Of course not. They’d go to prison for federal hate crimes.”

Meanwhile, Democratic lawmakers and media outlets pretended like the violent rioting was just a “mass protest” and “political statement.”

In response to the violence, radical leftist Mayor Brandon Johnson basically gave the participants a free pass for their actions.

“In no way do I condone the destructive activity we saw in the Loop and lakefront this weekend,” said Johnson. “It is unacceptable and has no place in our city.”

However, it is not constructive to demonize youth who have otherwise been starved of opportunities in their own communities.”

By not condemning this outrageous violence and destruction, the Chicago mayor is sending a message that this behavior is acceptable and productive.


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