This is it…this is our LAST CHANCE to turn the conservative ship around and put America first! Chances are really great that if Hillary is elected in 2016 that she’ll spend not 4 but 8 years in the White House. Get ready for 8 more years of the Obama policy. Want gun control? Want soft socialism? If you want these two devastating things then vote Hillary BUT if you don’t then you need to back our candidate and fight hard as hell for a win in November. There is no perfect candidate so get over the things that YOU don’t find perfect about TRUMP. I honestly had a difficult time at first when I looked into Romney’s past political positions but felt he was a bright ray of conservative sunshine compared to Obama. Please listen to the fantastic speech on UNITY given by Andrew Breitbart that’ll hit home. If you don’t back our candidate then you are giving us liberal Supreme Court Justices, gun control and soft socialism. Please listen and share!


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