The snarky, childish, Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA), didn’t fare very well against the steady, smart, and prepared Vice President Mike Pence, in the vice presidential debate tonight.

When Kamala Harris was asked about taking a vaccination for COVID, she answered the question like a bratty teenager, saying she would consider taking the vaccination, but that she would not take a vaccination if President Trump recommended it. “If Donald Trump tells us that we should take it, I’m not taking it,” she said.

Vice President Mike Pence replied that we are going to have a vaccine soon, telling Senator Harris, “The reality is that we’re going to have a vaccine,” adding, “So, the fact that you continue to undermine public confidence in a vaccine if a vaccine emerges under the Trump administration, is unconscionable,” he continued, “And Senator, I just urge you, stop playing politics with people’s lives,” Mike Pence told the Democratic Vice Presidential candidate. “The reality is, that we will have a vaccine we believe, before the end of the year and it will have the capacity to save millions of lives. And your continuous undermining of a vaccine in America is just unconscionable!”

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A Black Twitter user was not impressed with Harris saying she wouldn’t take a vaccine for COVID if President Trump endorsed it. “Hotep Virgin Mary” tweeted that Harris “And her idiot fans (mostly black people) will follow that example,” calling it, “Dangerous logic.” She ended her tweet by saying “Pence is right.”

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