BEN & JERRY’S are known to be uber liberals who lean way left. We all know their game of naming ice cream flavors after their favorite liberal politicians. That’s fine, we just have a big problem with their effort to promote resistance to President Trump.

Their new flavor is called “PeCAN Resist” in a takeoff on the Resist movement by the left. Clever, huh?

While the media tries to push the false narrative that our president is “divisive”,  the left has bucketloads of examples of being divisive with Antifa, Black Lives Matter, The Resist Movement, La Raza, Women’s March and so many other examples of division and violence.

These people need to look in the mirror: “REGRESSIVE AGENDA”??? WTH!

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Today we launch Pecan Resist! This flavor supports groups creating a more just and equitable nation for us all, and who are fighting President Trump’s regressive agenda. Learn more and take action here >>

If you’re on twitter, please let them know that while they divide, the rest of us are together as a nation.

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The groups that these two uber libs sponsor are Climate Change, Women’s Movement, Black Empowerment and Texas/Mexico people of color. Well, President Trump supports the environment, women, blacks and all people of color….Why is the left “resisting” a fantastic time when our nation’s economy is great and ALL Americans are being lifted up. President Trump has done so much for us in two years! Isn’t President Trump creating a more “just and equitable” nation by lifting ALL of us up?

Why to they resist?

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