California dreamin’…

You know the Dems are panicking when they send California Democrat Rep. Nancy Pelosi, who is barely able to string two coherent sentences together anymore, to ask Judge Kavanaugh to withdraw his Supreme Court Justice nomination. Pelosi, whose only remaining value to the party is her female genitalia and her outstanding (albeit baffling) fundraising capabilities, has been good for one thing this year, and that’s hilarious soundbites. Nevertheless, brave Nancy Pelosi stood at the podium and faced an adoring press pool, and devoid of any moral substance, she called on Judge Kavanaugh, one of the most honorable men to be nominated for a Supreme Court Justice position, to resign over a Democrat created circus.  Nancy asked Judge Kavanaugh to withdraw his nomination over accusations made by a Democrat activist, and by another Democrat woman whose story is so flimsy, that the New York Times wouldn’t even run it in their anti-Trump publication, and Julie Swetnick, a client of a creepy porn lawyer, who admitted to attending multiple high school parties 2-3 years after she graduated, where young girls were being gang-raped while she stood by and did nothing. Eventually, after attending 10 high-school, “gang-rape” party’s, Julie Swetnick claims she was also raped, but not by Brett Kavanaugh.

Late Wednesday night, an unidentified male came forward to confess to the Senate Judiciary Committee staff, that he was probably the person who sexually assaulted Democrat activist, Christine Blasey Ford 36 years ago.

Watch Nancy make a complete fool of herself as she calls for Judge Brett Kavanaugh, with an impeccable record and reputation, to resign.

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Pelosi told reporters, “Republicans are so afraid of the truth, of the truth that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford will stell…um…tell.”

Pelosi continued: Right now, since we called this press conference, other relegations…uh…other allegations have come forward. We join…uh…I join leader Schumer and calling for Judge Kavanaugh to withdraw his name from consideration.  If he does not, at the very least, this hearing should be postponed, because other allegations have come forth. Uh…we insist on an investigation. It’s not as if its a vetting by the FBI, a normal vetting of the FBI of a federal appointee.  In this case, for life, for the Supreme Court.

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The male Democrats, true to form, are pulling out all the stops and using the women as props to be the face of the destroy Judge Kavanaugh at all costs campaign.

Senator Mazie Hirono (D-HI) has also called for President Trump to withdraw Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination for the Supreme Court.

Senator Mazie Hirono, one of the nation’s top lawmaker’s doesn’t believe in justice for men. She will forever be known for this press conference, where she told reporters, “I just want to say to the men in this country just ‘shut up and step up and do the right thing, for once!'” For once?

In other words, justice is blind…unless you’re a male or a Republican, in which case, you are not entitled to justice.

Pelosi’s speech can be seen in its entirety below. Warning…this video may cause confusion and even nausea to some viewers:

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