The Washington Post published a false claim about Justice Kavanaugh’s school when they knew it was incorrect.

Daily Caller reports:

Emily Heil reported on October 18 that Georgetown Prep was hiring a director of alumni relations, and wrote that the school posted the advertisement for the position this week. The article further suggested that the school was adding the position because of the news surrounding the confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh, a Georgetown Prep alum, to the Supreme Court.

The problem is that Heil was informed before she published the article that the job was posted in July. In other words, Heil just decided to lie about what she was told by Patrick Coyle. Coyle contacted Heil to demand a correction after she published the lie:

“I noted in my message below that the Director of Alumni Relations position was posted in July 2018. Your article says, ‘The listing went up after Georgetown alumni were very much in the news.’ This is not true and I, in fact, gave you the month in which the position was posted. Please correct your story immediately.”

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WaPo added a correction to the top of the story that said, “A previous version of this story incorrectly stated that Georgetown Prep posted a job listing this week for a director of alumni relations. The school began advertising for the position in July.”



Heil and Washington Post posted a correction claiming the error was “unintentional” and claimed the job post was newsworthy regardless of when it was posted.

There should have been a retraction and not just a correction. Take out the two lies and you have no story. The media love to hijack the narrative to fit their agenda. Heil made the claim that she was ignorant of Coyle’s response…Hummm

She tweeted:

I would have written the item no matter the date the job was posted 

I really did miss the response about the date

I KNOW I shouldn’t have, but that’s what mistakes are 

I don’t mean to sound blasé about a correction.

Believe me, I hate them\have kicked myself plenty over it

How is the job post newsworthy if it has nothing at all to do with the “news surrounding the confirmation of Justice Kavanaugh”? Remember that the job position was posted in July. That way before the Kavanaugh news included the assault claim by Blasey Ford.

This reporter really twisted herself into a pretzel to attach this bit of news from July to the September media blitz on Kavanaugh.


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