Police in Manchester, New Hampshire have called off the search for an ‘armed and dangerous’ person responsible for shooting to cops early Friday morning.

Schools was cancelled and neighborhoods ordered to shelter in place after two cops were shot around 2am.
Police then said they were looking for a white man with long hair and wearing a green trench coat and black backpack.


But by 10:15am, police had canceled the shelter-in-place alerts and said the manhunt was off.
‘Given the facts and circumstances that are known to me, I am very confident that the city is safe,’ Manchester Police Chief Willard told WMUR-TV.
They did not say whether a suspect had been taken into custody.
‘The word “custody” is being thrown out a lot. We are no longer looking for the individual we believe is responsible for shooting our two officers,’ Willard told WMUR-TV. ‘What that means — it’s a fluid investigation and to protect the integrity of the investigation, I can’t actually say whether or not that individual is in custody, or if that individual is being questioned or anything of that nature.’

The two officers who were shot in the incident were being treated for their injuries on Friday and both are expected to recover.

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