The dossier was fake and the news stories pushed out about it were fake and used to bolster a case for spying on a presidential candidate. Take political parties out of it…Does it matter if you’re a Republican or Democrat? Every American should want punishment to the fullest extent for these criminals…

Daily Caller reports:

The FBI relied heavily on the dubious Steele dossier, as well as a Yahoo! News article based on the salacious document, to obtain a surveillance warrant against a Trump campaign adviser prior to the 2016 election, according to an explosive but controversial memo released by the White House on Friday.


The memo, which was crafted by House Republicans, also says that the FBI’s deputy director, Andrew McCabe, told Congress that a FISA warrant against the campaign adviser, Carter Page, would not have been granted without use of the dossier. That despite the FBI later determining that very little of the Democrat-funded document was corroborated.



And in another stunning revelation, the memo asserts that Justice Department official Bruce Ohr was used to pass information from the author of the dossier, Christopher Steele, to the DOJ.

Ohr’s wife, Nellie Ohr, worked at the time for Fusion GPS, the opposition research firm research firm that commissioned the dossier. Bruce Ohr, who worked closely with Deputy Attorney Generals Sally Yates and Rod Rosenstein, passed his wife’s opposition research on Trump to the FBI, the memo says.

The memo also says that Christopher Steele, the former British spy who wrote the dossier, told Ohr during a meeting prior to the election that he desperately wanted to prevent Donald Trump from being elected president.

Steele at one point told Ohr that he “was desperate that Donald Trump not get elected and was passionate about him not being president.”




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