Nikki Haley just let it rip on Russia and Syria! Her explanation for the attack on Syria was well stated.

U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley spoke at the United Nations today on the Syria strikes last night undertaken by the U.S., the U.K., and France.

“The time for talk,” she declared, “ended last night.”

One clear takeaway from Haley’s remarks was how she repeatedly called out Russia on multiple fronts: for their “disinformation campaign” following the strike and for their repeated Security Council vetoes on past Syria resolutions.

Our favorite part of the speech was when Haley spoke about the “red line” in a veiled swipe at Obama:

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Haley spoke of a new course in strategy. She said, “When our president draws a red line…our president enforces a red line”
Haley speaks about the red line at the 5:45 point in the video:

Haley said that if Syria attacks with chemical weapons again that the US will be locked and loaded.

She continued with a threat at the end where she said if Syria continues that we are “prepared”.


Haley spoke to the UN: “We saw rows of lifeless bodies, some still in diapers, some with visible scars of a chemical weapons attack.”

What option do we have after Syria’s Assad gassed his own people? Russia and Iran are assisting Syria so that makes it even harder to deal with:

“If Russia has the influence in Syria that it claims to have, we need to see them use it. The truth is that Assad, Russia, and Iran have no interest in peace. We know that yesterday’s attack was a new low, even for Assad’s regime.”

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