Furious Italian motorists drag Eco-protestors off busy highway, disrupting their blockade

Italian motorists refused to have their traffic commute disrupted by Eco-protestors who had set up a sit-in blockade in the middle of a busy motorway in Rome on Thursday.

The protestors had set up along one of Rome’s busiest main roads, Raccordo, and sat down holding banners in an attempt to disrupt traffic and raise awareness for global warming. However, they are the ones who ended up being disrupted when angry Italian motorists forcibly dragged them from the road to allow traffic to continue to flow in a hilarious turn of events.

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As it seems, Italians have a much lower tolerance for having their lives disrupted by misguided protestors than do some of their European neighbors.

In Britain, for instance, where road blockades such as this are also common, generally the protestors can get away with it for a bit longer before being forced off the roads… and normally they’re not being. quite literally, dragged off the road by motorists.

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The group who organized the protest, “Extinction Rebellion,” has been wreaking havoc across European nations on roads and public transportation as they demand an end to the usage of all fossil fuels.

The protestors in this case are facing legal action while an injunction is in place to prevent similar future activism.

As for the frustrated motorists? Well, they went on about their day and hopefully made it to their destinations on time. So far, there are no reports of legal action being taken against the ones who dragged the protestors off the road.

Perhaps Britain and the rest of Europe can take a page from the irritated Italians’ book when it comes to dealing with fanatical protestors.

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