Thanks to the actions of a few bad cops, good cops across America are suffering unimaginable hatred, violence, and blowback from protesters. Democrat lawmakers are fighting to defund and disband them, and the leftist media who take their marching orders from the Democrat Party, are pushing their propaganda 24/7.

Footage taken by a security camera in the parking lot of a supermarket in Los Angeles reminds us of another good reason it’s important to have well-trained law enforcement officers in our communities and in our neighborhoods. The Sheriff wasn’t aware his good deed was being recorded when he took swift action to help a Black Lives Matter protester who ran to him for help.

In the video, a woman can be seen running through a parking lot with a limp baby in her arms as a young child runs alongside her. The mother and the young girl who appears to be her daughter, are met halfway across the parking lot by a sheriff who takes the baby from the frantic mother’s arms.

The Palmdale Sheriff’s Office shared the video and explanation about what happened on their Facebook page:

A Palmdale Sheriff’s Station deputy took swift action at a park recently, when he encountered a desperate mother and her son, who was in physical distress. On Sunday, May 31, 2020, security camera footage captured the intense moment when two women ran frantically across a supermarket parking lot in the 3000 block of Rancho Vista Boulevard; one of them carried a limp, 11-month-old boy and stopped to administer back blows upon him. Moments earlier, the women were participating in a protest at the park, when the baby got sick, stopped breathing, and lost consciousness. They ran toward deputies who were across the street, monitoring the protest, to seek assistance.

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Deputy Cameron Kinsey spotted the women coming his way, ran toward them, and met them in the parking lot. An anxious mother handed her son to the deputy, who immediately recognized something was gravely wrong. Deputy Kinsey assessed the child, administered a mouth sweep with his finger, and dislodged vomit. Video footage shows clear relief in the posture of everyone encircling when the baby began to breathe again and regained alertness. Paramedics arrived shortly afterward and transported the toddler to the hospital for treatment. It was later determined the little one swallowed a coin, which lodged in his throat and blocked the airway. It was Deputy Kinsey who opened the airway with the mouth sweep procedure and turned the coin sideways, allowing air to pass through.

“None of that other stuff matters,” said Deputy Kinsey about all the other things going on around him at the time, “Just the baby.”

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Millions of lives are saved by the swift actions of law enforcement officers, most of whom are good and caring individuals who lay their lives on the line every day for perfect strangers. These stories aren’t as sexy as the kind that start riots, though, so you’ll never see them on CNN or MSNBC— it doesn’t fit their narrative.

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