So much hate. So much anger. So much time on their hands. 

Art has a funny way of helping the fragile minds of snowflakes across America deal with having an adult in the White House. Here are just a few examples of some seriously unhinged liberals who, through their vile, angry and embarrassing displays of “art,” have been able to deal with the idea that Trump is still their President.

One year after President Trump was elected, we reported about a transgender artist who turned 200 gallons of her urine into an art exhibit to protest against President Trump.

A Vice News video shows artist Cassils, who goes by the pronoun “they,” preparing for “their” “Monumental” art exhibit that allegedly takes aim at President Trump rescinding former President Obama’s rule on trans bathrooms. The Obama administration rule had mandated schools allow trans students to choose the bathroom they prefer to use instead of using one based on their anatomy. Under the Trump administration’s new guidance, the states can choose their own bathroom policies.

Two and a half years after President Trump was elected, a mural painted on a California charter (public) school sparked outrage for depicting an Aztec warrior spearing President Donald Trump’s decapitated head.

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Some residents called it “free speech,” while others said it was disrespectful and has no place on the wall of a public school.

Comedian George Lopez says he approves of the violent mural.

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It’s a federal crime to threaten the President of the United States. The artist (who we won’t name because we don’t want to give her any free publicity) should be arrested for painting this violent and hateful image on a PUBLIC school wall.

Now, a mob of unhinged individuals dressed in President Trump’s signature “Make America Great Again” hat, a white golf shirt and khaki pants, can be seen wearing dog leashes, while barking and crawling all over Trump’s Hollywood star. Apparently, the throngs of people with cameras felt their insane display was worthy of capturing on film.

These are the people fighting for the Democrat Party. Keep this image in your mind the next time you step into the voting booth.


Perhaps someday, displays like these will appear in our grand children’s history books, with explanations about just how fragile the left truly was before President Trump took control of our government, put adults back in power and began to make common sense cool again.

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