CANDACE Owens, Director of Urban Development at Turning Point USA, appeared on Fox and Friends where she got into a heated debate with the former DNC Chair candidate, Jehmu Greene.

Jehmu Greene attempted to distance the Democrat Party from Hillary Clinton, Candace Owens jumped in, shaming her for defending a party that is responsible for running the black community into the ground telling her, “Jemele, I find that really disingenuous, for you to stand up there as a black American and defend the Democratic Party when we understand that over the past 10 years, they have completely decimated our communities. Jehmu interrupted Candace, defending her party, “That’s ridiculous.” Candace came back,  That is not an opinion…that is a matter of fact.

Owens then began to quote facts for Jehmu, like, “single motherhood is up 71% since the 1960’s” and “In every major urban area where you guys (Democratic Party) has a stronghold, we have high crime rates, we have black people dying and killing each other” Jemele’s only response was, “Oh, my goodness” followed up by uncomfortable laughter.

Finally, Owens hit Jehmu Greene squarely between the eyes: “Donald Trump represents the very first opportunity for black Americans to jump off this ideological slave ship that is the Democratic Party.” Greene responded by laughing (the preferable response by liberals who have no response and are unable to call their opponent a “racist”).


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