Yesterday was Veteran’s Day, a day to honor, respect and show our gratitude to active duty and retired members of our U.S. military who have sacrificed so much for our nation.

Last night, Boston Celtics player Jayson Tatum gave back in a beautiful and unexpected way that brought tears to the eyes of a little boy whose dad serves in the United States Air Force as a Technical Sergeant.

Technical Sergeant (TSgt) is the second Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) rank in the US Air Force. It is the rank just above Staff Sergeant and below Master Sergeant. Within the enlisted Air Force, TSgt is known as the second hardest promotion to acquire, next to the promotion to Senior Master Sergeant, which is capped by federal law.

Before the Boston Celtics game last night, members of the military were being honored by the fans. When Tatum was finished warming up, he walked by a little boy who was standing next to his dad, U.S. Air Force TSgt. Shehu. The Celtics player signed the boy’s basketball, handed it back to him and gave him a high five. Without saying a word, Tatum leaned over, untied his shoes, removed the inserts and handed them over, one at a time to the little boy.

After Tatum walked away, the little boy can be seen looking up in disbelief at his smiling dad. Overwhelmed with emotion, he buried his head in his dad’s uniform and appeared to be crying as his dad hugged him and smiled.

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Watch the touching moment here:

It’s not just the members of our military who sacrifice, kids of service members also make huge sacrifices. Many times, their moms or dads can’t be there to watch them play sports or take part in school or church activities. Holidays are frequently spent apart from their parents who are overseas serving in the military. It was wonderful to see Jayson Tatum recognize the little boy who shares in the sacrifice his dad makes for the United States.


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