CNN’s Brian Stelter just had a Chicken Little moment at the Aspen Ideas Festival. He went totally off on President Trump with wild claims and fear mongering that was uncomfortable to watch. The most important thing to note is this guy seems to REALLY believe the drivel coming from his mouth! He believes Trump is the enemy and we must do something about him before he ‘destroys’ us….We’re just wondering if Stelter got a little too much of that mountain air out in Aspen. At least the guy interviewing him was a bit more objective…

NPR’s David Folkenflik asked Stelter during a panel discussion why is this a moment we should be concerned about?

It all goes downhill from here! Stelter just goes on and on with his paranoia as if President Trump just made everyone wakes up to believe CNN is fake news. People have known this for decades! It’s ironic because Stelter is the host on CNN of a show called ‘Reliable Sources’…LOL!


“Because the most powerful people in the world are trying to destroy our news organizations. The president is trying to destroy our news organizations. That has never happened in our nation’s history, as far as I’m aware.”

“President Trump is poisoning the American people. A subset of the American people have been infected by the poison. It’s getting worse every day, and we’re going to reckon with the consequences for decades.”

Does this sound like an objective journalist to you? Nope! How can this CNN anchor claim to be impartial EVER AGAIN? His show on CNN should be changed from ‘Reliable Sources’ to Unreliable Sources’.


American Mirror reports:

The panel discussion involved Stelter, Folkenflik, Washington Post columnist Jonathan Capehart, NPR’s Joshua Johnson, USA Today reporter Susan Page and Andrea Mitchell of NBC News in what NewsBuster editor Curtis Houck described as a “liberal media lovefest.”

“The Aspen Ideas Festival has a reputation of being an elitist conclave of liberal academics, journalists, and pundits (with rare exceptions) to pat themselves on the back and how they could work together to advance their left-of-center worldviews,” Houck wrote. “The 65-minute-long panel was a sanctimonious love letter to the liberal media with only occasional reflection about how to improve themselves and win back supporters.”


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