With all the hoo-rah-rah going on about President Trump allegedly saying the “N-word” and being called out by the frequently fired Omarosa, there are just a few things we need to remind people of. The first is that President Trump has been a celebrity for many years and he has a great relationship with minorities and it wasn’t until the election of 2016 that Democrats ever called him racist. In fact, it was CNN who recently reported that Trump has gained popularity among black voters ever since the election. That’s a fact that would not be true if Donald Trump was actually a racist. Black voters wouldn’t approve of a man who is racist, that’s just common sense.

Another thing we need to realize is that Omarosa’s character cannot simply be trusted. It seems as though she’s living in a celebrity bubble that’s been filled with enough Trump Derangement Syndrome to go around for all the haters. In fact, her being fired by Trump’s administration is not the first time she’s been fired by the White House. Pair that with her begging Piers Morgan for a raunchy “show-mance” and you now have a woman who 1) can’t be trusted because she secretly records people, 2) was fired multiple times from her jobs, and 3) offered to have sex with Piers Morgan to make more money because the ratings would go up and they would probably be paid more because of it, the details to showbusiness I am not exactly privy of.

We constantly see people looking for and around, or posting on social media, or publishing videos and articles about Trump allegedly saying the “N-word” but we still have not seen the videos or heard the audio tapes of Trump saying anything racist. All these accusations and allegations and no tape? Funny how that works, right? CNN and other outlets discuss the alleged tapes, but let me tell you something – if that existed, then someone would’ve posted it a LONG time ago!! If Trump was running around calling people the “N-word” then that tape would’ve sold for a good penny on a celebrity website. You know darn right that a tape like this would shake things up big time! Except, it does not exist. Until a tape is presented to us, then we have no reason to believe that Trump has ever muttered the “N-word” on tape. If he has, then let’s see it.

Until then, let’s remember the time that CNN’s Don Lemon had Phil Mudd on as a guest. Mudd is a former deputy director of the CIA Counterterrorist Center. Mudd dropped the “N-bomb” a few times straight to Don Lemon’s face. Oh how fast we forget, right? Just take a look at Don’s face in this video below. He looked speechless!! This video happened months ago, but guess what? Phil Mudd was back on CNN after this. Mudd was on CNN again and recently exploded on a guest, trying to kick him off a show. Is there a huge double standard going on?

Warning: this video contains vulgar language.

Funny thing about this guy is he was just a guest on CNN recently. Does that mean he was paid to say the “N-word” on CNN back when he was on Don Lemon’s show?

Does CNN pay their guests to be on the show? If so, then by technicality, CNN might have paid a white man to come on Don Lemon’s show and say the “N-word.” Isn’t that interesting? CNN might be looking for Trump’s “N-word” tape, but they’ve already got their own!

Don Lemon did not look very happy about this.

Why does CNN have Phil Mudd on their program with such foul language?

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