This is CNN…

A CNN reporter went shopping with Kamala Harris in a not-so hard-hitting interview where the reporter helped Harris shop for campaign clothes. Senator Harris just announced that she would be a candidate for president in 2020. Serious questions would be appropriate.

The leftist media doesn’t even try and hide their bias anymore. Compare the times Melania Trump has had a “fashion report” by reporters, and you’ll get a big goose egg. The media and the fashion press have ignored Melania Trump since she came into the spotlight. When was the last time she was on the cover of a fashion magazine or followed around like Harris was in the videos below?

A video posted by CBS reporter Kaitlin Huey Burns to Twitter shows the reporter and Harris looking at different clothing in a store and Harris trying on a garish blazer that looks strangely like a Rubik’s Cube.

Twitter comments about the moment are brutal (see below).

Ali Vitali tweeted that the reporter inspired the moment:

The CNN reported claimed they “forced” Harris to try on the blazer:

Twitter comments:


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