This is a shocker! A CNN anchor actually pushed back on a Democrat!

CNN anchor John Berman described to Senator Ben Cardin what happened at the border yesterday with 500 migrants trying to rush through to the US side. Berman then asked Cardin what he thought about it. The Senator promptly tried to blame the Trump policy on what happened at the border. Berman kept asking what the right response would be and kept getting the same line from Cardin:

Democratic Senator Ben Cardin claimed that President Trump is “causing” illegal immigrants to break the law when discussing recent attempts by illegal immigrants to cross the border.

Watch CNN’s John Berman push back against the fake claim:

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It’s about time the truth came out about what’s been happening at our border. The policy under Obama allowed thousands of migrants to just come right in. We now have a president who will not put up with open borders any longer.

When you have hundreds rushing your border, you should fight back.

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