In addition to being known for reporting fake news, CNN, the low-ratings ultra-liberal network, is also known for their drunken New Years  Eve coverage with co-hosts Brooke Baldwin and Don Lemon. Last year, they made headlines when they replaced Anderson Cooper’s New Year’s Eve co-host, the former comedian, Kathy Griffin, who destroyed her own career when she held up a severed and bloodied head of President Trump, as part of her “comedy” stint.

Last night, Griffin’s replacement, reality show star Andy Cohen was caught on video being whipped by Britney Spears during her S & M “Freakshow” performance in New York City. After one of Spears dancers pretended to be engaged in a sex act with Cohen, he can be seen wearing a leather harness and crawling across the stage on all fours, while being whipped by Spears.


The reality show star, (who is about as well-known as the backup dancers), seems to be enjoying his short-lived stint as a player in Spears’ sadomasochism (S & M) show. The only thing Britney Spears had to say about Andy Cohen, CNN’s replacement for the former comedian Kathy Griffin is, “Ow…he’s loud!”

Here’s the entire video posted by Just Jared on Facebook:

Watch Andy Cohen become Britney Spears' bitch during her NYC concert!

Posted by Just Jared on Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Low-ratings CNN should be proud of their newest New Year’s Eve host, Andy Cohen, for keeping it classy…


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