Cory Booker (D-NJ) revealed his new plan to take Judge Brett Kavanaugh out of the running for Supreme Court. His plan was minimally detailed in a video that was recorded on CSPAN and posted on the YouTube channel called the GOP War Room.

Booker told reporters that it doesn’t matter if Judge Kavanaugh is guilty or if he’s innocent of any accusations thrown at him in what appears to be a major character assassination plot pieced together by the Democratic Party in hopes to prevent a right-leaning judge from gaining a powerful seat in the Supreme Court.

Booker thinks they should just move on to another candidate. But wait, even if Kavanaugh is found to be innocent by the FBI investigation that Democrats requested and received? What was the point of Democrats requesting an FBI investigation into Brett Kavanaugh if people like Booker don’t care about the results anyway? That means everything they’re doing to Kavanaugh is an attempt to take over his seat and has nothing to do with Christine Blasey Ford or her accusations against Kavanaugh

Let’s watch the video of Cory Booker revealing his plan to move on without Kavanaugh.

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The video description stated: “Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) told reporters that it doesn’t matter if Judge Brett Kavanaugh is “innocent or guilty” of the allegations against him during a press conference on Capitol Hill discussing the nomination process and FBI review.”

So basically, Booker wants to move on to a different candidate even if Kavanaugh is innocent.

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The first thing we should all agree on is that YES, it does matter if someone is innocent or guilty of a sexual misconduct charge. It matters big time because if Kavanaugh is found to be innocent like many people believe based on his story, then it will completely verify the fact that many of us believe the Democrats are using Ford, not helping her.

And there’s just one more thing about what Booker said that I think everyone will agree with.

Booker and the Democratic Party are not running the show. Booker can’t pull any strings here to get the Senate Judiciary Committee to say “OK, who’s up next” and kick Kavanaugh to the curb. That’s not how it works.

I think Booker knows Kavanaugh is innocent and now he’s trying to pull another trick play and say “well innocent or guilty doesn’t matter anymore” now let’s see someone else.

Put the breaks on, Booker. Kavanaugh isn’t going anywhere!

No matter how much the Democrats hee and haw like donkeys kicking about over Kavanaugh, they’re going to face a vote and most likely see him reign supreme in the SCOTUS for decades.

Kavanaugh already faced six FBI investigations, so for him to be investigated by the FBI is no big deal. As far as I can tell, the other women accusing Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct are not credible. They either don’t exist (because an anonymous tip with no names is not credible) or they’re already changing their story and backing out of what they suggested, like Julie Swetnick and her totally not credible history (read about her).

Does anyone really think, after reading the FACTS, that Kavanaugh has anything to worry about?

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