This morning on Fox and Friends, Steve Doocey interviewed Hilario Yanez, a DACA recipient, who came the the United States with his mother when he was only one-year-old. He explained that he grew up homeless and in a rough neighborhood, and that it was his conservative values that made him who is today, a college graduate who is also a taxpayer. During his interveiw, Yanez told Doocey that he is in agreement with President Donald Trump about the need for a wall on our southern border. He also told Doocey that many of the thousands of dreamers he speaks with are in agreement with President Trump, that the safety of citizens should be a “number one priority.” He also explained that they are also hopeful he make a deal with Congress and that they will make a deal to give dreamers citizenship, “once and for all.”

“I came here when I was a year old. And my mom brought me here through no fault of my own. I couldn’t make my own decision. I grew up undocumented. I grew up homeless. It was my conservative values that made me who I am today, and as a result, I’m a first-generation college graduate and I have an incredible job as well.”

“Look, I agree with the president and I talk to hundreds and thousands of dreamers. I think we’re all in agreement that safety is, should be our number one priority. I think the president has every right to do that. I think when he became president, his first mission and priority was to protect the American people and you know, the dreamer community, you know, many of them hundreds and thousands that I speak to, you know agree that the president is doing the right thing. But at the same time, we need to make a deal happen with Congress.”

Yanez said “we need to put the American people first,” and that the shutdown is getting worse and worse, and there’s an urgency to come together and get a deal done for the sake of our nation.


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