The ‘experts’ are attempting the same scam they utilized for COVID-19 with bird flu.

With the useless PCR tests that will test positive for anything, corrupt public health bureaucrats and Pharma cronies want to fearmonger Americans into another scamdemic.

However, there’s an added bonus with bird flu.

They also want to test cows.

“We’re not testing to really see how many people have been exposed and got asymptomatically infected,” Deborah Birx said.

“We should be testing every cow, weekly,” she added.

“We could be pool testing every dairy worker,” she continued.

“I do believe that there’s undetected cases in humans because we’re once again only tracking people with symptoms. When we did that with COVID, the virus spread throughout the northeast undetected,” Birx said.

The same scam used to shut down the world.


“Birx is on the advisory board of BGR, a D.C. lobbying org with a client roster that includes Pfizer, Abbott Labs, GSK, and J&J. She’s also the CEO of a publicly traded company called Armata Pharmaceuticals, which is controlled by a Pharma asset management corp,” Jordan Schachtel wrote.

Schachtel wrote at The Dossier:

Since leaving government work, Birx has already earned millions of dollars in the private sector, and has found herself quite a few lucrative opportunities in the Pharma space.

Birx now sits on the advisory board of BGR, one of the most powerful lobbying firms in Washington D.C. Their Pharma client roster includes the likes of Pfizer, Abbott Labs, GSK, and Johnson & Johnson, to name a few.

Birx is also the CEO of a publicly traded company called Armata Pharmaceuticals, through which she was granted about 275,000 shares. As of Wednesday, her holdings in Armata are valued at about $728,750. Birx also earns a base salary of $525,000 per year, and she can earn a massive performance bonus based on the value of the company.

Armata is 70% owned by another publicly traded company called Innoviva, which describes itself as a “Healthcare Royalty and Asset Management” company. Innoviva’s top shareholders include BlackRock and Vanguard, which, through their clients’ positions, control about 25% of Innoviva.

Birx also holds several additional board seats in startup and seasoned Pharma endeavors, some of which may stand to acquire significant government funding in the event of a manufacted pandemic scenario.

Birx’s comments coincide with the World Health Organization claiming an individual’s death in Mexico was due to the “first laboratory-confirmed human case of infection with an influenza A(H5N2) virus.”

JUST IN: World Health Organization Claims Death In Mexico Linked To Bird Flu Strain

The patient, a 59-year-old resident of the State of Mexico, had no history of exposure to poultry or other animals.

“The case had multiple underlying medical conditions. The case’s relatives reported that the case had already been bedridden for three weeks, for other reasons, prior to the onset of acute symptoms,” the WHO stated.

"WHO is hoaxing the world again. First off, he died on April 24(?). He was morbidly obese, acquired type 2 diabetes, was confined to a bed, and had complete kidney failure. None of it was related to bird flu: Why were they even running bird flu tests on this guy?" Schachtel said.

"The[y] use a PCR test with the setting set so sensitive that it gives a false positive most of the time. This was the same scam they used during Covid-19 to make the number of 'positive test results' go so artificially high. Huge numbers of people died with a positive test, but actually died from something else entirely," Wall Street Silver commented.

Hopefully, nobody falls for this absolute nonsense.

Watch the full interview with Birx on CNN.

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