Yesterday, during a briefing on COVID, Vice President Pence told the Democratic Party media that he and his team of professionals working on the pandemic are making progress. VP Pence explained that they could literally be within a few short weeks away from a vaccine that will be available to the general public.

“With God’s help, we will get through this together,” he told the dishonest media.

The media couldn’t have cared less about the progress made by Mike Pence and his COVID team on combatting the Chinese virus, they were looking for his scalp.

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After his press conference, Vice President Pence turned to walk away from the podium and head for the exit behind him—that’s when the media panicked. How dare the Vice President of the United States give an update on the incredible progress they’ve made on the COVID vaccine without allowing attacks from the Democratic Party media.

Watch as the entire room erupts. ABC News’ Jonathan Karl, who routinely shows his abject hatred for President Trump and anyone in his administration who defends him, can be seen leaping to his feet to demand VP Pence answer to the mob.

“What is going on?” they shout. “You’re all undermining the Democratic election!” another hack reporter shouts, as VP Pence calmly walks away, leaving the pack of hyenas in his dust.

The media has lost control of the narrative, and they’re in a full-blown panic. What’s that saying about “you reap what you sow?”


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