Did CNN get busted for faking a dramatic wartime scene near the Israel-Gaza border?

One particular clip caught many viewers’ attention online.

In the video, CNN Chief International Correspondent Clarissa Ward frantically drops to the ground to avoid a “massive barrage of rockets.”

“Forgive me I’m slightly in an inelegant position, but we have just had a massive barrage of rockets coming in here not too far from us,” she said while breathing heavily.

“We have had to take shelter here by the roadside. We’re just about five minutes away,” she continued.

“We can hear now a lot of jets in the sky. We can also hear the Iron Dome intercepting a number of those rockets as they were whizzing overhead and making impact in that direction,” she said.

“We came to this location because this was ground zero for this entire operation of carnage. Hamas militants came on a pickup truck. This was the first place where they breached that border wall and they basically drove down this strip just spraying lead wherever they went,” she continued.

After Ward rises to her feet, she claims there was a chaotic scene near her and her crew.

“So now I can show you the scene here, this is where those militants first came opening up fire on all these vehicles. There’s a baby carriage down there turned over on its side,” she said.

“In the distance there, some kind of strikes looks like in Gaza,” she assumed.

“Forgive me, it’s a little difficult after being crouched in a ditch to know exactly what’s been going on,” she commented.

The clip’s ending gives it away as two plain-clothes civilians walk into the frame.

They appear to show no worries about the “barrage of rockets.”

Former CNN Chief Media Correspondent Brian Stelter shared the clip.



Social media users explained their skepticism of CNN’s report.

TheQuartering added audio instructions for the actors.


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