The Democrat Party in Texas is under investigation for cheating…Chris Salcedo of the Chris Salcedo Show spoke about what happened when the local party sent out voter registration applications to non-citizens with the citizen box already checked “yes”.   Salcedo says if it’s happening in the conservative state of Texas, imagine what’s going on in liberal states. He made the statement that there is no government check for citizenship!

If Dems Can't Cheat, They Can't Win!

Fun times as always with @edHenry, @PeteHegseth & @EmilyCompagno on @ffweekend. We discussed @theDemocrats cheating in Texas election process. #SalcedoStorm

Posted by The Chris Salcedo Show on Sunday, October 21, 2018

The Democrats were caught doing this because non-citizens reported what they were receiving. The box was already checked when they got the application!

While Democrats continue to claim there is very little voter fraud in U.S. voting, we continue to see cases of cheating by Democrats. The punishment for this should be severe so it will hopefully deter someone else from cheating in our elections. What we need most of all is voter I.D. in order to vote.

Empower Texans reports:

A local voter told ABC affiliate KRGV last week she received one of the Democrats’ mailers and it left her confused and concerned.

Non-citizen registration and voting is a problem throughout Texas, largely because the registration process is an honor system. No one verifies applicants’ citizenship; they simply check a box on the form—except, in these cases, the Democrats checked the box for them.

Starr County election officials settled a federal voter roll lawsuit last month involving, among other complaints, non-citizens on the rolls.

While Democrats will continue to claim that voter I.D. “scares” people, we have blatant voter fraud going on by them. It’s time to call for voter I.D. in all states.



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