Dr.Ben Carson was speaking today at theHill’s Newsmaker Series Event when he boldly said what only a brilliant neurosurgeon can say about people. Dr. Carson said that people who thought his past as a neurosurgeon did not qualify him for his HUD position are “stupid.” Oh yes he did!

The interviewer asked, “What were some of the obstacles that you saw. Was it maybe not thinking outside the box, that idea that you just raised. Have you changed the mindset at HUD?”

Dr. Carson replied that when he started at HUD, it was run by the book. Carson said there was a shift in focus toward the end goal rather than on the smallest rules and protocols.

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Carson continued: “When I first came a lot of people were saying, ‘But you’re a doctor, so you can’t possibly know anything about housing, how can you possibly run HUD?’…”You know, people are so stupid.”

Wow! He went there and bashed the government bureaucrats who love all of those rules and regulations. It’s what makes DC such a behemoth when it comes to getting anything done.


Carson made an analogy to the CEO of a large medical center who may not know a lot about how to treat an infectious disease or perform a surgery, saying he doesn’t need to know all of those things to be a successful and effective CEO.

The secretary said he surrounds himself with people who know a lot about the different aspects of running a governmental organization like HUD, and they are helping to coordinate and create the vision and atmosphere of a successful organization.

On a side note: If you ever get the chance to hear Dr. Carson speak, please go! He is so funny and so brilliant. It’s worth it! We’re so lucky he’s serving our nation right now!


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