Sit back, relax, and enjoy the left telling their viewers and fans how Donald Trump will never win the presidency.

Now watch the same media and Hollywood freaks meltdown over Trump’s win that they said would never happen. It’s hard to imagine how much hate these poor liberals have in their hearts.

So, just how much has President Trump accomplished since he won the election on November 8, 2016?

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Vice President Mike Pence offers a list of President Trump’s accomplishments since he won the election, only one year ago today:

Thanks to the president’s leadership, the American economy is roaring. Businesses have created nearly 1.5 million new jobs. Manufacturers haven’t been this confident in 20 years. The stock market is setting records, creating nearly $5 trillion in wealth for the pension, retirement and savings of the American people. And after eight years of lackluster growth, the economy has already expanded by at least 3% for two quarters in a row.

The U.S. economy is making a comeback because President Trump has taken decisive action to spur a new era of opportunity, prosperity and growth.

We’ve unleashed American energy, approved the Keystone and Dakota pipelines, and under President Trump, the “war on coal” is over.

We’re appointing originalists to the federal courts, to uphold the Constitution and all our God-given liberties. And President Trump put Justice Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court.

President Trump has also taken decisive action to ensure the safety and security of the American people, at home and abroad. He has stood without apology with the men and women of law enforcement. We’re securing our borders, enforcing our laws and taking the gang members, drug dealers and violent criminals off our streets.

The president is putting our veterans first. He signed bills to restore accountability to the Department of Veterans Affairs and give veterans access to the world-class care they deserve.

We’re rebuilding our military. President Trump has already signed the largest increase in defense spending in nearly 10 years, and we are working with Congress to pass one of the largest investments in the national defense since the days of Ronald Reagan.

With renewed American strength, the president is achieving real results on the international stage.

Our NATO allies are contributing more to our common defense. ISIS is on the run, and its caliphate is crumbling. This president reaffirmed the credibility of American power when he enforced a red line against chemical weapons in Syria. He put Iran on notice and made it clear that we cannot certify the Iran nuclear deal. And our administration has brought unprecedented economic and diplomatic pressure to bear on North Korea.

It has been a year of accomplishments, and we’re just getting started. Before this year is out, we’ll pass historic tax cuts for the American people. And with President Trump’s leadership, I know: We will Make America Great Again.




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