It’s interesting how much vitriol some women harbor for successful men who date beautiful women, as though it’s somehow “evil” and mysoginist to date beautiful women. If Trump only dated unattractive women would that somehow make him a better candidate?

Rowanne Brewer Lane, the beautiful model and former girlfriend of Donald Trum
Rowanne Brewer Lane, beautiful model and former girlfriend of Donald Trump


One of the women quoted in a New York Times article headlined “Crossing the Line: How Donald Trump Behaved With Women in Private” is pushing back Monday and saying that she was taken out of context and Trump never made her feel uncomfortable.

The piece — which was published Saturday — begins with the line “Donald J. Trump had barely met Rowanne Brewer Lane when he asked her to change out of her clothes.”

It then continues with a scene illustrated by Brewer Lane about a 1990 pool party at Trump’s Florida beach club.

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“He suddenly took me by the hand, and he started to show me around the mansion. He asked me if I had a swimsuit with me. I said no. I hadn’t intended to swim. He took me into a room and opened drawers and asked me to put on a swimsuit.”

But Brewer Lane disputed the way she is portrayed Monday in an interview with Fox & Friends.

“The New York Times told us several times that they would make sure my story that I was telling came across, they promised several times that they would do it accurately, they told me several times and my manager several times that it would not be a hit piece and that my story would come across the way that I was telling it and honestly and it absolutely was not,” Brewer Lane said. “They did take quotes from what I said and they put a negative connotation on it. They spun it to where it appeared negative. I did not have a negative experience with Donald Trump.”

Brewer Lane dated Trump and said that the presumptive Republican nominee “never made me feel like I was being demeaned in any way, he never offended me in any way.”


“Obviously they feel like they need to do something to make him look bad or go along with their article,” Brewer Lane said.

“Why do you think the left — the mainstream media — is so obsessed with just creating this headline about how Donald Trump treats women?” host Ainsley Earhardt asked.

“I don’t know. I think that they’re just reaching for straws,” Brewer Lane said, adding that her manager has reached out to the reporter to say they would be telling her side of the story. Via: USA Today

Here is Trump’s reply to the New York Times “hit piece”:

Trump also replied to Brewer on Twitter, thanking her for letting the public know the truth, and about how the NYT’s twisted her:


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