Watch Juan Williams make several attempts to shame Fox Five host, Kimberly Guilfoyle for speaking out against Obama’s Black Lives Matter race war in America. Once he realizes he’s losing the argument, he attempts to berate her, telling her she is “uncomfortable” about being a racist. His horrible accusation is followed up brilliantly when Guilfoyle responds by asking, “Why would I be uncomfortable about it [racism] as a Puerto Rican woman?”

A heated exchange on the subject of identity politics took place on The Five between, Kim Guilfoyle accused co-host Juan Williams of “becoming infamous and also ridiculous because you put words in people’s mouths.”

Guilfoyle, praising a commencement speech by Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, said, “I like his emphasis on faith and belief. Because in my personal opinion, the past eight years, we have seen under the Obama administration, they have used class warfare and race and envy to divide the nation. They have, and communities when you see Ferguson and other places—”

“Oh, I see. President Obama did Ferguson?” Williams interjected.
Their exchange continued:

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KG: I didn’t say that, Juan. And you’re really become infamous and also ridiculous because you—

JW: Because that was a ridiculous statement.

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KG: You put words in people’s mouth and you paraphrase—

JW: I didn’t say— You said ‘President Obama, Ferguson’.

KG: I didn’t say that. I said the administration.

JW: Okay

KG: And it’s true. Under Eric Holder and the Injustice Department.

JW: Whoo.

KG: This is part and parcel for what happened across this country. We did not come closer together as a country. We became more divided. And there was more loss of life and destruction of property from that race and identity politics

JW: I see, because people speak out against injustice, you don’t like it and it makes you uncomfortable.

KG: Well, it’s — no it doesn’t make me uncomfortable.

JW: You have to deal with reality.

KG: No. I do deal with reality. The bottom line is they fostered an environment that was violence and that was not something that brought people together. Instead of using the opportunity as president to bring people together and blur race and gender lines — it was more about divisiveness —

JW: Oh, I see you want to blur race and gender when it makes you uncomfortable, Kimberly

KG: I’m not uncomfortable by it at all. I’m not uncomfortable by it at all.

JW: People in this country who have to live with police aggression—

KG: Why would I be uncomfortable with that as a Puerto Rican woman?

“The only way to blur race and gender is with alcohol!” Greg Gutfeld burst in, bringing the heated exchange to a landing. “Everybody just go out and get drunk.”

Via: Mediatate YouTube

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