NOTE TO TARGET…There Aren’t Any Feminine Product Dispensers On The Wall

Remember when there wasn’t any “gray area” when it came to which restroom you would choose in America? For as long as restrooms have existed in the United States, using the proper restroom was as simple as being able to read the labels on the door, or choose picture that matched the gender God assigned to you in the womb.

The passage of North Carolina’s HB2, Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act, prohibiting men from using a public women’s restroom or changing room in their state causing the politically correct Left to go ballistic. Following the passage of that common sense bill, Target stores set off a firestorm when they announced they would be siding with .2% of the transgender community and against 98% of non-transgender Americans by allowing men to use women’s bathrooms and dressing rooms. So far, over 1 million people have signed a petition pledging to boycott Target unless and until they reverse their decision to put women and children in danger by allowing men to share their “safe bathroom and dressing room spaces.”

PayPal decided they weren’t going to build a global HQ even though they have HQ’s in places like Singapore, which arrest gays on site just for being gay. More hilariously, porn site, has stated that they have blocked service to anyone with a North Carolina IP address due to their passing of the bathroom law. This puts a monumental burden on other porn sites, who now have to get down to the task of figuring out how they could ever thank xhamster enough for the added traffic.

The men’s professional basketball association, (NBA) decided to do their part by showing support for the demasculinization effort by feminists and the LGBT-XYZ mafia by threatening to pull their all-star game from Charlotte, North Carolina if they don’t change their open bathroom law.

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Here is the list of oh-so tolerant celebrities who have said they won’t perform in North Carolina until they allow men to pee in the bathrooms next to your wife, your sister, your mother and your daughters:

Bruce Springsteen, Bryan Adams, Jimmy Buffet, Ringo Starr, Cyndi Lauper and Laura Jane Grace (punk rocker). Sharon Stone has also said she’ll refuse to

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