During a segment on the Disney owned, “First Take” show, ESPN host Stephen A. Smith went off on white people. Smith didn’t just go off on white people…he really WENT OFF on white people…telling them to “shut the hell up!” to be exact.

While addressing the so-called issue of the firing of black NFL coaches, Smith, one of ESPN’s top social justice warriors, lamented the loss of black coaches during the 2018 NFL season, telling his audience,  “we got black (NFL) coaches falling away by the wayside.”

According to the Western Journal, there were eight coaching vacancies in the league after the annual purge that’s referred to as “Black Monday.”

Smith was particularly miffed that five of those vacancies were previously filled by black coaches.

He had no interest in going over any of the resumes of the allegedly aggrieved black coaches. He just needed the smallest of excuses to go off on a racially charged screed about “white America.”

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“You got some people who’ll say, ‘I thought we were beyond that,’” Smith began, referring to labeling coaches based on the color of their skin. “I just want to say a few words to white America: I’m getting sick and tired of that nonsense.

“It’s easy for you — ‘I thought we were past it.’ Well, when were you a part of it? When did you have to worry about fairness? When did you have to worry about being prejudiced against? When did you have to worry about being pigeonholed and minimized?”

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“For folks out there in white America … so quick to point out, ‘I thought we were beyond this,’ could you do me a favor please and be quiet?” Smith continued.

“Be decent enough to understand that you don’t understand and shut the hell up!” Smith yelled. “You don’t understand! You don’t get it!”

The High Noon producer at ESPN, Parakeet Cortes, tweeted the video of Smith’s racist rant. Clearly, ESPN is proud of their race-baiting “sports” personality.

He went on, “We got a league (the NFL) that’s 70 percent black players. We now have two black coaches. There’s 32 jobs! Two! Two!”

Smith then dared anyone who had a problem or was uncomfortable with his comments to push for more minority personalities as national radio hosts.

“But until then, I’mma stay all up in y’all,” Smith said to end his monologue. “And I’mma be relentless with it.”

Disney’s three largest business segments are its TV business, its theme park business, and its feature film business. These segments include some of the best-known companies in the United States and around the world, including ABC, ESPN, Disneyland, Lucasfilm, and Marvel.

Media companies like ESPN provide the largest segment of business for the Disney Corporation, followed by the Disney parks and resorts. Are Americans finally sick and tired of watching our nation being torn apart by racially divisive hosts like Stephen A. Smith and others at the far-left political talk show hosts that masquerades as a “sports” experts on the social justice network? Will Americans finally turn off ESPN and stop supporting Disneyland, Disney World and other Disney products until they stop shoving this leftist, hateful propaganda down our throats?


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